AERY JO Liquid Foundation 30ml




AERY JO Liquid Foundation

Beige foundation cream not only perfectly moisturizes the skin, it gives it a special transparency, wrinkles and folds disappear before the eyes,
its tone is leveled. A special formula guarantees a certain tightening effect.

Highly moisturize foundation that gives moisture and lightweight effect to your skin and make up.

It is recommended to use Aery Jo foundation brush or two tone brush to apply the foundation flawlessly and evenly on your skin.

Product Description:

  • Light and refreshing feeling with smooth texture like water offers generous moisture to dry skin.
  • Spreads tightly and remains skin color until the afternoon without dullness.
  • Creates moisturizing & smooth and clear skin.
  • Foundation for more transparent and energetic skin look.

How to use:

  • Apply a small amount to forehead, nose, cheeks and chin from inside to outside of skin.
  • Shake well to mix before use.

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No. 21-Light Beige, No. 23-Medium Beige, No. 33-Sand Beige


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