AERY JO Mosaic Compact Powder 8g


Each color has its effect, red spots on the skin? They will cope with green shades. Remove the unhealthy dark or gray skin color are yellow spots.
Pink – will perfectly cope with pallor and give the skin a healthy appearance.



AERY JO Mosaic Compact Powder

Blush creates an optical illusion, drawing the eye wherever you dust it on. The best place to put it depends on the shape of your face.

To slim a round face: Sweep it along your cheekbones (suck in your cheeks to locate them) and extend the color out to your temples.

To balance a heart-shaped face: Apply blush below the apples (the meatiest parts) of your cheeks and blend out to your hairline.

To soften a long face: Blend blush beneath your apples, but not out to your temples.

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No. 1 – Yellow Mix, No. 2 – Pink Mix


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