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Mary Kay Gel Semi Matte Lipstick 💄

Mary Kay Gel Semi-Matte Lipstick is the first full-coverage lipstick by Mary Kay to utilize gel microsphere technology for rich, stay-true color that lasts for hours – without leaving lips looking or feeling dry. With color this pure, you can saturate lips, delivering a gorgeous level of color clarity. And with beautiful shades to choose from, it’s a breeze to update your look to match your mood or fit your style. The lightweight gel formula glides on smoothly and cushions lips, leaving them feeling soft and supple. Plus, it’s formulated to provide a soft-focus effect with optical enhancers included to scatter light and blur the appearance of minor imperfections. And that’s not all. The clear-top window makes finding your favorite semi-matte shade a snap, whether it’s in a cluttered handbag or makeup drawer.

Lasting color clarity. Lip-cushioning gel comfort. Finally, a long-wear lipstick your lips can love.

  • Semi-matte lipstick delivers lasting wear without drying lips.
  • Highly pigmented shades deliver stay-true color.
  • Gel formula cushions lips for soft, velvety comfort.
  • Optical enhancers deliver a soft-focus effect.

Note: In electronic media, true colors may vary.
Size: 3.6g

Application Tips:

  • To apply gel semi-matte lipstick using a lip brush, dab the brush on the lipstick bullet, then sweep the brush along lips starting at the center and moving toward the corners. Repeat to get the desired coverage.
  • Experience a great lip look utilizing your Mary Kay® Lip Liner as a base. If you’re using a light shade of lipstick, begin with a nude shade of liner that closely matches your natural lip color. Then apply your gel semi-matte lipstick on top.

How It Works:

Exceptional Color and Glide – Pigments are milled for 24 hours for an ultrafine, smooth color. The base of this gel semi-matte lipstick is translucent, allowing for rich color saturation. Plus, the pigment surface is specially coated to transform it to a gel-like fluidity, providing exceptional glide.

Staying Power – Advanced “Cushion Matrix Technology” utilizes ultrafine silica microspheres to embed and retain color on the surface of the lip. Consumer testing confirmed the result is fade-resistant staying power without drying effects.*

Soft-Focus Effect – Optical diffusers scatter light to create a smooth appearance and soft-focus effect on lips, reducing the appearance of wrinkles. These same optical enhancers also help prevent feathering and bleeding.

Lip Conditioning – The delicate lip area is prone to moisture loss. That’s why Mary Kay® Gel Semi-Matte Lipstick contains ingredients, such as sunflower oil and jojoba esters, to help condition lips.

Mary Kay® Gel Semi-Matte Lipstick是Mary Kay首款全面遮盖的唇膏,其运用凝胶空气球粒子科技,可提供浓郁、可耐数小时的长效持久色泽 – 且不会使双唇看起来或感觉干燥。凭借着纯粹色彩,您可为双唇带来饱和度,提供极其漂亮的清澈通透色彩。而从您挑选的漂亮色调中,可轻易变换您的妆容并衬托您的心情和风格。此轻盈凝胶配方能顺滑涂抹及包覆双唇,使它们感觉柔软和澎润。此外,其配方备有含光学增强剂的柔焦效果,可散射光线及模糊细微瑕疵。然而这并非全部。其顶部的透明设计让您能轻松的在杂乱的手提包或彩妆品抽屉里找寻到您心仪的半哑光色调。


  • 半哑光唇膏可长时间涂抹却不会使双唇干燥。
  • 显色度高带来长效真实色彩。
  • 凝胶质地的气垫唇膏赋予您柔软及丝绒般的舒适感。
  • 光学粒子散射光线,呈现柔焦效果。

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