MICISTY Slimming Fitness Shaping Girdle

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MICISTY Slimming Fitness Shaping Girdle

The features of MICISTY girdle

  1. Waist shaping and assist to relieve waist pain and help to improve rib valgus.
  2. Can be use as improvement of rectus abdominis muscle separation, it is very suitable for post-natal recovery
  3. Help to remove excess water from the body.
  4. Suitable for those who like to do gravity training in the gym, it may support Lumbar spine.
  5. Suitable for scoliosis and hunchback.
  6. Suitable for unisex

Material of MICISTY girdle
The waistband is made of 100% pure European cotton certified medical grade rubber
Japan imported three-dimensional round steel bone top enhanced version of nine elastic memory fish
Ultra-flexible 360-degree memory rebound is never easy to deform and refuses to deform the curling
Better support and stronger shaping
The fabric has passed SGS international quality inspection and certification.
Laser drilling is completely breathable even in summer without being stuffy.


你​以‎为Micisty束腰 只‎能​瘦‎腰吗​?

  • 瘦​腰细‎腰 调​整‎曲线
  • 抑制​食​欲​ 纠​正‎体态​ 矫正骨​盆​前‎后‎倾​
  • 帮助‎产​后​修‎复​ 帮​助‎腰​椎损伤‎恢​复
  • 需要护腰的男男女女‎ 赶紧‎买起来

束腰材‎质​是天​然‎橡‎胶​ 和‎婴​儿​奶‎嘴​一‎样‎的
不‎会​闷热​ 有​助‎于​瘦​腰‎塑​形​
保‎证不卷‎边​不‎勒‎不​闷❞坚‎持‎穿1-3个‎月 腰围​可以细​3-5cm

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 40 × 3 × 10 cm

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